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Why Gemma Shorter Hairdressing Education?

If you are looking for quality education, delivered in a freindly and relaxed environmet and a beautiful, professional setting, you have come to the right place.

I am offering courses to suilt all abilities which have been specifically designed to grow your confidence and skill set. working in small groups, it is my goal to give you the personalised experience you deserve.

As a hairdresser of 26 years, my passion truly lies in education and sharing my knowledge with you.

I am a fully qualified hairdressing tutor and assessor holding qulaifications including Level 4 certificate in education and training and level 5 diploma in education and training. as well as a Cpd accredited provider offering fully accredited courses which makes them stand out from the rest!

all of my courses have been vigorously checked against the activity a.c.c.r.e.d.i.t.e.d framework to ensure my materials meet and exceed the required standards.

  • we have received an accredited certificate and verifiable logo.
  • Your course will be listed on The CPD Register- so you can check it out.
  • learners will gain CPD credits upon course completion

You will leave with new abilities, a fresh outlook and a beautifiul certificate!

Our Courses

Colouring courses

We have 3 colouring courses to choose from. refresher. beginner-intermediate, and advanced- something for everyone!

Cutting courses

We currently have 2 cutting courses on offer. a refresher, and short hair cutting for more advanced stylists- or those who fancy a challenge!

Hair up

Come and join us for our amazing 1-day hair up course for all abilities. new styles added regularly to keep it fresh Come along as many times as you like!

Hairdressing Refresher- 3 Days £450pp

This course has been specifically designed to grow the confidence of hairdressers wishing to return to the industry or who are just starting their career. If you would like to refresh your skills and knowledge then this course is for you!

Day 1

Blow drying and Setting- 3 techniques!

Set and blow dry theory

Smoothing and straightening

Bouncy, curly blow dry

Traditional setting.

Day 2

Cutting - 2 basic haircuts to set you up for industry

Cutting theory

Perfecting the one-length haircut

Layering hair with confidence.

Day 3

Colouring- Refresh your colour skills with colour theory and hands on application.

Colour theory- the basics


Full head colouring

Certificate presentation.

Kit required- kit list sent upon booking

Handbook to take home!

Certificate of completion

Over the 3 days, you will learn a variety of colouring skills and knowledge, specifically designed to prepare you for industry. This course is ideal for those who would like to learn new skills or gain confidence in their ability.

Suitable for beginners or stylists at an intermediate level.

Learn colour theory to support your practical skills. Correct colour application for effectively covering regrowth and full head global colouring.- Achieve perfect results every time!

Learn to create not one, but two highlighted or lowlighted looks using 2 application methods, along with learning how to correctly tone with confidence.

A full day's foiling workshop!

Learn basic and advanced foil placements and how to tome to make your blondes stand out from the rest!

Day 2

Day 3

Day 1

Intermediate Colouring-

3 Days £480pp

Kit required- kit list sent upon booking

Handbook to take home!

Certificate of completion

This course has been designed with creativity in mind- Learn advanced colouring theory to support your practical services, and perfect your creative colouring skills with a little inspiration from us! Let your imagination run willd, the possibilities are endless when you have the confidence!

Four Advanced colour techniques are demonstrated during this course

  • Balayage,
  • Advanced Foiling, 'foiliage'
  • Root-melting and...
  • Toning!

All the skills you need to be an amazing colourist all in one place!

Advanced colouring techniques

1 day £180pp

Kit required- kit list sent upon booking

Handbook to take home!

Certificate of completion

Cutting short hair using advanced techniques

1 day £150pp

During my teaching career, one of the most popular course requests has been for cutting short hair.

This course has been developed with creative techniques in mind. Using thinning scissors, razors and plenty of texturizing techniques to create two looks!

During your one-day course, we will create two advanced haircuts

  • The perfect Graduated Bob cut

  • A short pixie cut

You will learn the theory behind your cutting skills, and work alongside us to bring your creativity to life!

These cutting skills are invaluable in the world of Hairdressing, whether you work in a salon or for yourself.

Confidently use all texturizing techniques, Thinning scissors, razors and clippers.

Kit required- kit list sent upon booking

Handbook to take home!

Certificate of completion

Occasion Styling- 3 styles!

1-Day £150pp

During this 1-Day course, we will be creating 3 occasion styles that have been chosen especially for you to keep you on-trend.

The world of creative styling is ever-changing, so we are constantly updating the styles we teach! This means you can return regularly and continuously learn new skills!

Keep an eye on the images on this page, they will be the styles we teach you on your course!

We will demonstrate for you, the use of products, wadding and accessories which will lead to some truly Instagram-worthy images for you to share!

Kit required- kit list sent upon booking

Handbook to take home!

Certificate of completion

Pics coming soon!!

Course Dates

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Hairdressing Refresher- 3 Days

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Intermediate colouring- 3 Days

Bright Star Icon

Advanced colouring 1 Day

Bright Star Icon

Cutting short hair1 Day

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Occasion hair- 1 Day

Dates available in

September 2023!

Please contact us for

a date to suit you!

Student Testimonials

Georgina Giltinane

'From the moment I met Gemma, she made me feel instantly welcome, comfortable and confident. I never passed any exams before and thanks to Gemma, I didn't fail a single one. I honestly feel like i got the best tutor of them all and wouldn't of changed a thing. Thanks to Gemma i now have my own business 3 months after qualifying and Gemma was the first person to visit my salon! She's changed my life. The best decision i ever made. Thank you'

Victoria Mason

'Gemma taught me a lot about hair, I was a student with a different teacher doing both my level 2 and 3 and I would just cry. I didn't know how to cut hair. I was switched over to Gemma and thankfully so. Gemma is an amazing teacher and switched up my understanding on hair cutting. She was able to see the way I learned and was able to adapt to my learning style. Gemma was very patient and understanding as well as supportive. I can honestly say Gemma is a teacher i will never forget and I will always be grateful to have had. It is thanks to her I have the passion I have today for hair. Thank you Gemma'

Carley Burke

'Thank your for being the most amazing teacher. I couldn't have done it with anyone else.

Your patience, encouragement and support. You really are amazing'.

Kellie Jennings

'Gemma was my tutor. Before I had her I didn't really have a clue, she taught me right from scratch when that wasn't even the level she was supposed to be teaching at. The very best basics to base me qualification around. She was a wonderful support, very encouraging and always on hand to help with any doubt of confidence. Her hairdressing technique is second to none. Amazing teacher!'

Rachel Wischhusen

'Gemma is an incredible hairdresser and an even more incredible tutor. I had her training me for my level 3 hairdressing and before that I had no idea what I was doing. Gemma Gives you all the guidance you need, is very patient and always has her students best interests at heart. I lacked in confidence until I became one of Gemma's students. She changed my hairdressing journey for me. Thank you for making me the hairdresser I am today and making me realise giving up was unnecessary.'

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